Dashiel Brahmann is a menswear label designed, developed and manufactured in New York. With experiences ranging from Thom Browne and Patrik Ervell to Pilgrim Surf + Supply, his clothing aims to answer the question of what practical elegance is. The brand explores that void by balancing sophisticated sartorial elements into everyday casual clothing. Inspiration is taken from the lives and work of midcentury to late sixties artists and musicians. How they lived, what they said, the work they made; everything they did was art. And so, each garment is meant to elicit a functional, emotional and tactile experience. As a trained pattern-maker, the authority and freedom of understanding how to execute a garment with unique variations in construction and fit, produces clothing synonymous to this brand. As well as elements of embroidery, patchwork, vintage fabrics and artist collaborations, make the clothing one-of-a-kind with an honest appeal.  

Dashiel Brahmannはデザインから生産まで全ての洋服作りの工程をニューヨークにて手掛けるメンズウェアブランド。デザイナーのDashiel(通称Dash)はThom BrowneやPatrik Ervell、Pilgrim Surf + Supply等で活躍した後、2014年に自身のブランドを設立。

Thom BrowneやPatrik Ervellでエレガンスなファッションを学ぶ一方、Pilgrim ではファンクションを学び、上品ながらも実用性のある洋服作りを心掛けている。そんな彼の追い求める洋服作りとは、洗練されたテーラリングの要素を毎日着たくなるようなカジュアル服に落とし込むことである。